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The KINRGY Essential Oil Body Mist Kit (5 Sprays)

The KINRGY Essential Oil Body Mist Kit (5 Sprays)

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Spray our KINRGY Essential Oil Body Mists to aromatically escape into the elements, elevate your KINRGY practice, and enhance your authentic expression. Breathe in Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Aether as you embrace your true nature.
AETHER - Ylang, Ylang | Eucalyptus | Basil Breathe in your limitless potential with KINRGY AETHER mist. Let the present moment wash over you as you remind yourself that anything is possible.
EARTH - Patchouli | Sandalwood |Vetiver Ground your energy with KINRGY EARTH mist. Take a deep inhale as you surrender your mind, feel into your foundation and trust your inner wisdom.
FIRE - Frankincense | Marjoram |Vetiver |Vanilla Activate your power with KINRGY FIRE mist. Visualize your inner flame burning brightly as you ignite your confidence and fuel the passion that lives within you.
WATER - Petitgrain | Ylang Ylang | Pink Grapefruit Unlock your play and creativity with KINRGY WATER mist. Surrender to the flow of your breath, nurture your sensuality and activate your authentic expression.
AIR - Jasmine | Roman Camomile | Lavender Invite a calming sense of clarity and balance with KINRGY AIR mist. Invigorate your senses as you welcome creative and spiritual harmony.

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